operator-sdk add crd

operator-sdk add crd

Adds a Custom Resource Definition (CRD) and the Custom Resource (CR) files


The operator-sdk add crd command will create a Custom Resource Definition (CRD)and the Custom Resource (CR) files for the specified api-version and kind.

Generated CRD filename: /deploy/crds/__crd.yaml Generated CR filename: /deploy/crds/___cr.yaml

<project-name>/deploy path must already exist
--api-version and --kind are required flags to generate the new operator application.
operator-sdk add crd [flags]


      --api-version string   Kubernetes apiVersion and has a format of $GROUP_NAME/$VERSION (e.g app.example.com/v1alpha1)
      --crd-version string   CRD version to generate (default "v1")
  -h, --help                 help for crd
      --kind string          Kubernetes CustomResourceDefintion kind. (e.g AppService)