Project Scaffolding Layout for Operator SDK

The operator-sdk CLI generates a number of packages for each project. The following table describes a basic rundown of each generated file/directory.

File/Folders Purpose
cmd Contains manager/main.go which is the main program of the operator. This instantiates a new manager which registers all custom resource definitions under pkg/apis/... and starts all controllers under pkg/controllers/... .
pkg/apis Contains the directory tree that defines the APIs of the Custom Resource Definitions(CRD). Users are expected to edit the pkg/apis/<group>/<version>/<kind>_types.go files to define the API for each resource type and import these packages in their controllers to watch for these resource types.
pkg/controller This pkg contains the controller implementations. Users are expected to edit the pkg/controller/<kind>/<kind>_controller.go to define the controller’s reconcile logic for handling a resource type of the specified kind.
build Contains the Dockerfile and build scripts used to build the operator.
deploy Contains various YAML manifests for registering CRDs, setting up RBAC, and deploying the operator as a Deployment.
go.mod go.sum The Go mod manifests that describe the external dependencies of this operator.
vendor The golang vendor directory that contains local copies of external dependencies that satisfy Go imports in this project. Go modules manages the vendor directory directly. This directory will not exist unless the project is initialized with the --vendor flag, or go mod vendor is run in the project root.
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